Gutter guards

What Is A Leaf Gutter Guard?  

24th December 2021 | By

Winter rain and strong winds can be a nightmare for homeowners as they often result in debris gathering in your property’s gutters which then cause drainage problems. Anything from moss, insects, and leaves to general household rubbish can end up in the gutters and cause problems later down the line. What Is A Gutter Guard?  … View Article

Cleaning Your Gutter During Winter

How Do You Prolong the Life of Guttering?

24th November 2021 | By

Winter is the worst time to commit to cleaning your gutter, but if you don’t keep on top of it, you might find yourself replacing your guttering sooner than intended.  The trick to having a functioning, long-lasting guttering system is regular maintenance.  You may not know this, but effective guttering increases the lifespan of your… View Article

snow filled gutter

Cleaning Your Gutters for Winter

1st November 2021 | By

Cleaning gutters in winter is never nice, but it’s always necessary. Make sure you always clean them at the start of winter and take out what you can (usually sticks and leaves). Things like sludge might require expert help. Creating conditions to keep your gutters clean is easier than constantly having to clean them. Trimming… View Article

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Commercial Gutter Installations

26th August 2021 | By

When it comes to commercial properties, owners tend to direct their maintenance efforts onto the roofing rather than other smaller elements of the building. While roofing is indeed important, other parts such as guttering should not be overlooked. Having the wrong type of commercial gutter or a poorly installed gutter system can cause significant damage… View Article

messy gutter clogged gutter

How Heat Affects Clogged Gutters

28th July 2021 | By

Clogged gutters can be a real pain and without maintenance, the issue can only become worse. If you notice a leak coming from your roof, watermarks on your ceilings, or if your gutter appears to be sagging or overflowing with water, then it’s highly likely that your gutter is clogged. This usually occurs from a… View Article

gutter cleaning

How To Tell If My Gutters Need Cleaning

30th June 2021 | By

Gutters are one of the most commonly forgotten aspects of your home that need regular maintenance. Because guttering isn’t in your direct eye-line, it’s often overlooked. Your guttering is essential to ensure that your home’s drainage is kept clean and flowing, however, many things could affect the gutter’s drainage if you don’t keep on top… View Article

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Every FAQ You Need to Know About Finlock Gutters

28th May 2021 | By

Finlock gutters are made from concrete and were introduced in 1950 across the UK. The main reason for its creation was to replace steel guttering, which was in short supply, and concrete was considered cheaper and a more hard-wearing material. Today, properties are built with more modern style guttering in place using more robust materials… View Article

A gutter cleaner cleaning a dirty gutter

Cleaning Your Gutter for Summer

30th April 2021 | By

As summer comes to a close and autumn approaches, gutter maintenance is a task you don’t want to miss off your to-do list. Gutter maintenance may be something you may want to avoid over the fun and relaxing summer months, but gutters can easily get clogged from debris during this time.  Branches, leaves, and dirt… View Article

Maintaining gutters on old buildings

Gutter Health Checks On Older Buildings

30th March 2021 | By

Spotting the most common gutter and downpipe issues as early as possible prevents any problems from escalating and leading to expensive repairs. Proactive checks on guttering allow property owners to reduce the risk of damage occurring due to problems with guttering systems. Conducting gutter health checks is especially important for older buildings. If you own… View Article