Gutter Repair: 5 Signs Your Gutters Need Some TLC

June 29, 2023 1:41 pm

Your gutters are an essential part of your home, though they often get overlooked. Your gutters protect your home from water damage which could lead to dampness, mould, or pest problems. Gutter repair and maintenance is therefore a essential to ensure your home stays in top condition. 

As your gutters age, they may need more regular cleaning and could show signs of damage and wear and tear. To protect your home, it’s important to know exactly what to look out for. 

Repair Sagging Gutters 

One of the main things to look out for is sagging gutters. If your gutters are beginning to sag in the middle, this could mean that they aren’t draining properly and the weight of the water is causing them to bow in the middle. 

If you notice this early, you may be able to repair the damage by getting up there and removing the blockage and conducting a proper gutter cleaning. However, if you’ve had sagging gutters for a while, you may need to look into gutter repair or replacement

Cleaning Gutter

Overflowing or Blocked Pipes Can Require Gutter Repair

If your gutters seem to be overflowing, then it could mean that either they’re blocked with debris such as dead leaves or bird nests, or they could be too small for the amount of water that needs to flow through them. 

Cleaning your gutters regularly will rule out debris and blockages. However, if you live in a particularly rainy place, you may need to install new gutters to cope with the flow. 

Not handling this promptly could cause the water to flow onto your lawn, meaning it will flood and die, or onto your patios or driveway, causing a slip hazard. 

Gutter Repair for Leaking Pipes

You might notice leaky gutters if the side of your home has started to develop a greenish or brown stain on the outside. This means that the water is flowing from the gutter down the side of your house causing mould or algae to develop.

While this looks unsightly on the outside, that’s nothing compared to what it might do to your home’s interior. Leaky gutters could cause water to develop inside the walls or windows, developing mould which might smell, be unhygienic and cause a health hazard, and could also cause damage to the structure of your home, making the walls and windows loose and unsafe. 

Your Guttering is Beginning to Rust

Rusted gutters can develop over time in particularly old properties where the guttering hasn’t been maintained properly. 

A rusted gutter is likely to begin leaking before eventually collapsing. If this happens, it could fall on people walking below, so it’s essential that you have your gutters replaced as soon as possible. 

Loose or Detached Guttering

Loose gutters or detached gutters can be the result of poor gutter repair or maintenance. They could also come loose in particularly high winds or bad storms. 

A loose gutter could fall and injure someone, or damage your home if it happens to be near a window. If you notice a detached gutter you should call for professional gutter maintenance Bicester as soon as possible. 

Time to Choose Gutter Maintenance for Your Gutter Repairs 

Here at Gutter Maintenance Bicester, we specialise in professional gutter cleaning, repair and maintenance. We can also replace your guttering in an emergency. If your gutters have seen better days and need a facelift, contact our Gutter Maintenance team today.

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