Common Problems with Guttering

June 28, 2019 9:26 am

Rainwater is associated with various water damages within a household if it is not channeled away properly. To achieve this, gutters are put in place which helps with directing rainwater away from the house. However, if gutters are not well maintained, they may develop problems rendering them ineffective and you will need to get the gutter repair to stop any damage to your home.

Common Gutter Problems



Leaves from trees and other solid debris tend to accumulate within gutters causing them to clog. This leads to blockage of gutters with an inability to drain off rainwater, causing water damage to the home. Clogging solid material and stagnant rainwater in gutters increases their overall weight weakening them, eventually the weight causes them to pull away from the roof and fall off. 

The clogging of gutters can be prevented by regular cleaning to remove the clogged materials allowing rainwater to pass and drain away.

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This occurs as a result of gutters having fasteners that are loose, or from cracks and holes within them. This makes them ineffective as water often leaks through and off the guttering during the draining process, leading to water damage of the home.

This can be fixed by sealing holes using a proper sealant and also by ensuring the fastening of any loose fasteners. These jobs can easily be undertaken by guttering companies for a quick and professional job.


Improper Slope Position

The positioning of gutters in an incorrect angle impairs proper drainage of rainwater, which can lead to excess water accumulation on rooftops and in guttering. This can eventually wear the roof and guttering by the wear, rusting and leakage.

This issue would have to be fixed by a guttering company to ensure a proper and controlled slope for rainwater to drain down efficiently. 


Improper Downspout Positioning

Positioning downspouts near the house and in the wrong direction causes water accumulation around the house, making it prone to water damage. 

Therefore, it is advisable to direct the downspouts a distance away from the house to avoid such problems and can be achieved by adding extensions to the downspout.domestic guttering maintenance

Gutter Damage

This includes problems such as gutters separating from the joint area as a result of clogging or poor joining methods. This causes them to be ineffective as they cannot drain off water properly. Also, this can cause damage to the home through the pouring of loose rainwater against the mortar of the bricks, as well as any other parts of the house. This can also be caused by heavy storms that pull them away.

Guttering with these problems will most likely have to be replaced to prevent further gutter or home damage.



Improper Gutter Systems

This is contributed by insufficient gutters or a complete lack of gutters which renders the house prone to all types of water damage. It is advisable to install a proper gutter system to avoid water damage problems to the house.


Water Freezing and Ice Formation

This occurs during the cold weather conditions where water freezes and forms ice within the gutters. This causes a cycle of gutter expansion and contraction eventually loosening them and increasing their chances of falling off.

Plant Growth Within Gutters

This occurs when seeds falling on gutters grow on accumulated debris. This eventually blocks and loosens them due to increased weight. This is prevented by ensuring regular cleaning of the gutters ensuring no debris is blocking the guttering allowing easy flow for rainwater.


Tips to Prevent Gutter Problems


  • Carry out regular inspections and cleaning processes to ensure that they are clear from any and all clogging materials.
  • Repairing gutters that are poorly pitched by adjusting and repositioning their slopes.
  • Ensure downspouts that are poorly positioned and clogged should also be adjusted and properly cleaned.
  • Get a professional gutter servicing which increases their durability and efficiency.
  • Patching and sealing leakage holes and cracks using waterproof sealants.


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