Man cleans the gutter on a roof.

Finlock Gutter Problems: Common Issues and Solutions

28th February 2023 | By

If you have a home built between the 1950s and 1970s, you may have Finlock guttering. Finlock guttering is concrete guttering around the base of your roof with the purpose of directing water from your roof into the drains and away from your home. Although originally designed a rust-free alternative to metal guttering, there are a… View Article

Closeup of rain gutter and downspout. Different color options

Are PVC Gutters Good for Your Home?

1st February 2023 | By

Guttering is always an important item to factor when renovating, buying or designing your home. With a wealth of materials to choose from, it’s sometimes overwhelming to know the benefits of each. Here, we’re going to be asking the question; are PVC gutters good for homes? The answer is of course yes – but let’s… View Article