man taking leaves out of gutter

How to Look After Your Gutters in the Winter

31st October 2019 | By

Keep Your Gutters in Working Condition This Winter A gutter is a shallow trough that is fixed under the edge of a roof and is used for carrying off rainwater. The gutters and downspouts help in diverting the water away from a house and protect the foundation of the property from the impact of pouring… View Article

Gutter Maintenance

Why is Gutter Cleaning Recommended Twice a Year?

18th October 2019 | By

Each of the seasons that we experience here within the UK bring an element of natural beauty to our gardens, from the golden leaves floating to the ground in the autumn and the morning frost turning the bare branches glistening white in the winter, through to the first bloom of spring and the burst of… View Article

Plastic Gutter System

The Difference Between Guttering Materials

4th October 2019 | By

With the unpredictable British Summer on the brink, it’s time to get your guttering summer-ready. It is important as homeowners, that we ensure that our property is able to withstand the pressure from all elements. As part of these preparations, here at Gutter Maintenance, we’d advise hiring a professional to check that your guttering is… View Article