How Blocked Gutters Can Damage Your Home

April 12, 2018 9:50 am

Whenever the foundations of a new house are laid, guttering is probably one of the most important concerns. Gutters are the external plumbing of the house and require care and maintenance if they are to function purposefully. The idea of managing your gutters is regularly overlooked which
explains the common complaints of blocked gutters. Gutters, normally present in almost every house or buildings and are responsible for collecting rainwater and directing its way from your house so that your house doesn’t get filled with unwanted water. As streams of waterfall down your roof, they pick up every sort of material lying in their way which may, in turn, cause clogs.

Water Damage

Once the concept of guttering fails, meaning that the debris from trees or dead animal carcasses has caused the gutters to block, the water stops moving in the channels and as more and more water will fill up the blocked gutter, repercussions are bound to happen. The water start making its way back to the house bringing all the other things with it and may quickly fill the house with contaminated rainwater.

Wood Damage

Almost every type of wood is prone to water damage and there are only a few houses which are not made up of wood. When the water gets
clogged and brought in to the house it damages the ceilings and doors not only just increasing costs of maintenance but also the costs of repairing.

Fixings and Piping Damage

Pipes are only meant to collect the clean rainwaters with normal weight and escort it out of the house, but when the water starts to return it brings all the different kind of material which is not only contaminating the house, but the weight of the water causes damages to pipes and fixings of the wall.

Landscape and Animal damage

When the water brings in Animal carcasses other animal are bound to follow for instance rats who then make their home in those places, permanently damaging the pipes which now need replacements instead of repairing. Other than that, the excess rainwater may make its way to the backyard and plants where the contaminated water may kill the living things leaving a dent in the house landscape.

The maintenance of gutters is not that expensive in the beginning as it only requires routine check-ups, however, if the correct amount of attention is not paid to this issue then the costs brought on by its damage may leave people extremely unhappy.

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