What are Fascias and Soffits?

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

In order to get the roof to work perfectly and as intended, the package of elements that go into its constructions us huge. This is in addition to the tiles used for roofing. A number of the elements are useful structurally. Others are also necessary to provide a finished appearance to your roof making them great for the aesthetics of the roof. Since there are so many, some of the elements aren’t known by many people. Two of them are the fascias and soffits. These are some of the features that are underrated despite the fact that the home would be vulnerable to many issues. If you lack knowledge of what the fascias and soffits are, here is what you need to know:
What Are Fascias?
The fascia is a roofing element that’s usually placed at the roofline, which is the point where an outer wall comes in contact with the roof. They’re known as fascia boards or just fascia is usually in the form of straight long boards located at the roof’s lower edge. They’re directly fixed to the trusses of the roof. The purpose of the fascia board is to provide support to the last tile row or any other material used for roofing. They also serve to support gutters. There are two main functions of the fascia boards. They finish the house’s look and are also important for protecting the interior of the house from damage due to weathering.
The material that’s commonly used for making the fascia boards is wood. This wood’s painted and primed so as to make it durable. The reason for using wood is the fact that it’s cost-effective. However, since wood will eventually rot, it’ll need to be replaced periodically even if it’s well protected. The other option for the material used is a composite of the timber plus other materials like wood chips, sawdust or recycled plastic. This alternative is more durable but is much more expensive to purchase. Fascias can also be made of vinyl or plastic which have been proven to offer many advantages over wood except they’re expensive.
What Are Soffits?
A soffit is a word originating from French and basically refers to “something fixed underneath”. The most common area of use for soffits is the main roofing. Other areas where they’re used are under stair flights and under porches. The soffits are made from different materials which include steel, fibres, wood and steel. Those that are made from uPVC are superior to the other options by far due to the many benefits it offers. The most outstanding benefit is the fact that it’s impervious to warping or rotting due to its high resilience. It won’t require repainting and has the ability to withstand weather conditions, no matter how severe.
Like the fascias, the softs serve two purposes in a house. It protects rafters from weather elements and also helps with the look of the roof. The soffits can also be vented to serve part of the house’s airflow allowing the circulation of the air. At the same time, they prevent moisture from getting through thereby helping to prevent dampness.
Fascias and soffits are very useful to the house as they protect the house make it aesthetically appealing. Though they may be less known, you should never forget to include for your house.