10 Interesting Facts about Rain Gutters

September 27, 2017 3:19 pm

Why we need rain gutters

Rain gutters are not needed in all kinds of areas such as in arid climates, they are mainly needed in those areas where the amount of rainfall is more and we need to save our home from moisture damage. The damper the climate is, the more we need a properly functioning rain gutters for our domestic guttering. There are some amazing facts about rain gutters you need to know.

1. The invention of rain gutters

We never normally think about when rain gutters were invented. So here’s the answer, rain gutters were invented in 1900’s, before the invention of penicillin and hula hoop. They were designed to carry rainwater from the roof of the house and drain it directly into the downspouts.

2. What are gutters made of?

Nobody ever knew that rain gutters were once made up of wood. As we know wood also absorbs water and these rain gutters were damaged quickly.Nowadays these gutters are made up of a variety of materials such as lead, zinc, iron, steel, painted steel, and copper, etc.

3. Gutters are a breeding ground for insects

Did you know that if the rainwater is standing in your rain gutters, it’s a breeding ground for pest, and other insects? Due to this, you need to clean your gutters regularly.

4. Toys found in rain gutters

As we all know when children are playing with their toys, they throw them where ever they want. Due to this or any other reason, children’s toys have been found in rain gutters such as dolls, toy cars, Lego, crayons, and ball etc.

5. Gutters require a lot of maintenance

Rain gutters demand a lot of maintenance. Sometimes you need to drain the water standing in the gutter, sometimes they are broken and then leak, so you have to repair it quickly. Most importantly they have to be cleaned after heavy rain and the wind otherwise it will clog.

6. Seamless gutters

There are different types of gutters, one of them is seamless gutter. These kind of gutters are more expensive but are more durable and strong. If you have seamless gutters fixed in your house, you don’t have to worry as much about freezing or leaks, they generally last longer than standard guttering too.

7. When cleaning, use your ladder carefully

It is said that more than 150,000 people fall from the ladder each year while checking their gutter. So, you better check the weather forecast before going up for checking or cleaning you gutter, because there is always a chance of slipping in bad weather conditions.

8. Damaging your home walls

If you haven’t drained the water from the gutter and it is frozen due to cold weather, it could create a permanent gap in your rain gutter. This will lead to leakage of water and will damage your walls.

9. Increasing your gutters capacity

If you think that you rain gutter is not that capacious. You can add more downspouts to increase its capacity.

10. Gargoyles

Ancient Romans and Greeks used gargoyles as their rain gutters. Gargoyles were used to be a  functional and decorative solution to a problem. They would be fixed to the end of a drainage pipe and then divert the water away from the buildings. This was before proper guttering and downpipes were invented.

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