Looking After Your Guttering in the Autumn

October 28, 2017 8:25 am

During autumn, there is definitely a need to have a fully functioning gutter system. To be sure you should pay close attention to them and look after them properly. The rain and dropping leaves may result in blockages leading to damp patches and leaks. The following gutter repair and maintenance tips will be of great help when looking after your gutters during this autumn.

Carry Out Regular Inspections

You should continue to check your gutters regularly. If you dont you will only notice it once it’s too late, you will either be facing a leaky gutter and a repair or a costly bill due to structural damage from the water.  

Every month or so you can climb a ladder up to the gutters and see if there are any visible blockages or damages. If you see an easy to remove blockage then you can get this yourself however we would recommend hiring a professional. Professionals have all the knowledge and tools to deal with the typical blockages and damages a gutter may have.

Protect Them With Gutter Guards

For safety and durability of newly installed or repaired and cleaned existing gutters, you can use guards made of mesh. This will ensure they stay clean as well for a long time.  Using guards may allow you to not have to perform maintenance checks as routinely and may ease your mind however it does not stop it all together. You still need to keep up with regular maintenance.

Clean Your Gutters

With the presence of any debris in your gutters, they will not be able to perform their duty of carrying and draining water safely away from the roof. This debris can be removed by hand, a handheld blower or outdoor vacuums. The cleaning job is easier when conditions are a little dry. 

To avoid compacting any debris as you clean, it is advisable to begin cleaning at the downpipes. Regularly cleaning your gutters can help to avoid larger problems in the future such as cracks or bending of the pipes that may be a much more costly repair.

gutter cleaning autumn

Carry Out Repairs and Patching

After carrying out your inspection and noticing any damages such as cracks and holes, a patching kit can be of help when repairing them. Rust can also cause major damages if not removed as soon as they are noticed. 

A wire brush comes in handy for the removal of the rust. After wire brushing you may need to use a reust reverser such as dinitrol and some sort of sealant. We would recommend using a professional for these services as they will have all the tools and knowledge readily available to deal with the problems.

Take Closer Checks at the Downpipes in Case of Persistent Leaks

Problems with downpipes often manifest as leaks which do not resolve by cleaning. If you have cleaned the main system of guttering but still have a leak, it is probable that it is a problem with the downpipes. 

Therefore, remove the elbow joint connection and see if there are any clogs in there. A garden hose or a plumber’s snake can be used for manually breaking the clog. Once it is broken, wash out the pipe to make sure all debris is removed before putting it back together.

You Should Replace Any Irreparable Damages

If damaged beyond repair, certain parts of the guttering system may require replacement. This is often due to reduced or lack of functionality given by any part of the system. You can get replacements for any part of the gutter from most roofing companies.

If not looked after properly, gutters may fail to deliver on their purposes. A lot of people forget that they should keep looking after their gutters until something damaging occurs. It is of extreme importance to keep them in top shape in autumn. There are many benefits of good guttering systems, which are properly functioning. Water collected from the roofs should be channelled away from the foundation of your building. 

This is the work of good guttering and helps in the protection of your house. Depending on the material of guttering used, the above tips are very important when looking after your guttering in the autumn.

Looking After Your Gutters With Gutter Maintenance

Prepare your home for the changing seasons! As autumn approaches, it’s crucial to ensure your gutters are in top-notch condition to protect your property from the challenges of the season. Don’t let falling leaves and heavy rain become a hassle.

If you need gutter repair before this autumn then get in contact with us today and one of our friendly team members will get back to your inquiry.

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