How to Prepare your Guttering for Winter

December 28, 2017 8:52 am

Winter is characterized by ice, snow, and heavy rains. This is why when this time of the year comes; you need to prepare your gutters adequately. The efficiency of your gutters matters a lot since this is when they are required to perform their main purpose. If not well prepared, the result is damage to the gutters themselves and to a larger extent, the home. The following are the ways to prepare them.

1. Remove all the debris

Debris such as dirt and leaves accumulate on the gutters with time. If not cleared, this debris will clog the gutters and result in water flows unevenly heading to the downspout. Accumulation of these substances can also damage the gutters. If the flowing water reaches gutters that are already clogged, you will have a huge problem therein. It is, therefore, an awesome idea to do the cleaning work yourself or hire a professional to install a quality gutter for you before the onset of winter. Better yet, you may install leaf guards on your gutters to stop leaves from accumulating and prevent clogging by trapping sleet and snow during this season.

2. Ensure the gutters are not leaking

If your gutter is leaking, it definitely falls short of providing any service to the home. If you notice stained facias, the possibility that your gutter is leaking is very high. Leakages may result from sagged gutters, corroded gutters, cracks, damaged joints, and missing gaskets. Between the gutter and the facia, there should be no space existing. If there is no sure sign that there are leaks in the guttering, you simply pour water on it and see if any leaks. However, if you find out that there are any leaks, the only option is to have a professional repair them. A timely repair will save you from high repair costs and new installation.


3. The downspout should be cleared

As the point where water is directed into the tank or other drainages, the downspouts easily get clogged with debris. You can check for check the spouts for clogging by forcing some water down through it. It would need to be cleaned if the water doesn’t flow easily.

4. Check for leakages and damages on the downspout

If water collects near the house due to leaking downspout, the foundation of the house may be severed. This is a scenario that you don’t want to find your house in. As soon as you discover any leakage at the downspout,look for a professional to repair it.

The most common causes of this kind of leak are the falling joints and existence of cracks. Ensure the distance at which the water land is not less than 8 ft. from your house.
gutter broken and damage

5. Seek the services of a roof inspector

After performing your own checks on the gutters and realized even a single problem, you need to seek a professional roof inspector. They will ensure that the problem is not too far reaching. An added advantage associated with these professionals is that they check even the roof for potential issues. Invite them just before the winter of every year.

6. Ask the gutter installation experts

Being sure that your gutters are prepared for winter is not a simple task. However, you can do it yourself if you know what to look for. On the other hand, if you have no knowledge, ask the experts here at A1 Garage Doors to provide you with a quality gutteirng installation and repair. Please not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or enquires.

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