The Common Signs that your Gutter is in Need of Repair

February 28, 2018 9:09 am

Honestly, most of us give very little thought to our gutters. Come rain come shine, we never take a second look at them assuming that they work fine even when it rains heavily. However, our gutters are an integral part of the home that needs to be closely monitored. This will help avoid the damage to the landscape around your home and your foundations under the house. In the worst possible cases, your gutters may be in such disrepair that they are constantly leaking. This can be avoided when the gutters are properly taken care of. The moment you notice a need for gutter repair, never hesitate to call us in for help. At Gutter Maintenance we want to make sure that you never have any issues, we like to take on the problem before it gets too bad.

The following are the top signs that your gutters may be in bad shape.

1. When water sits in clean gutters

You’ve recently cleaned your gutters and eliminated or the debris that could have been there yet water still appear to sit in them. This is a classic sign of a gutter that has been miss-graded. The causes of this problem are varied. Maybe the initial installation was faulty, or maybe the structure has settled unevenly. This calls for an urgent gutter repair. This is something we would notice and repair for you straight away as you do want this to be a continuing issue.

2. The gutters pull away from the house

The weight of water and debris can be more than we may always think. When they stay filled with water or debris for long periods of time, the gutters will sag and begin to pull away from the building. If you keep ignoring this and don’t check it at the right time, this pulling away under the weight will definitely damage them. It’ll reach a point where this damage extends to the whole gutter system and may be irreversible. Even the fascia board may be devastated in the process.

gutter repair

3. Presence of cracks or rust

Due to rainwater and humidity, rust can form on the gutters over time. They are easily ignored when they just begin to form. It’s easy to just overlook cracks and rust. Such may be a sign that your guttering may be having a major problem. Make sure that any noticed crack or rust on your gutters are repaired by experts like us here at Gutter Maintenance as soon as possible.

4. Presence of unwanted pests

Unwanted pests such as squirrels, frogs or mice are easily attracted by a guttering system that is clogged. In turn, even larger pests such as cats will be attracted by the smaller ones. This will lead to damage to the gutters in the long run. The moment you notice any pest hanging around your guttering, call it in.

5. Water running down the siding

Don’t think for a second that any water running down the siding is a roof leak. Very few of such cases will actually turn out to be roof leaks. However, a majority of the cases turn out to be water running at the back of the gutter. This is normally caused by a missing or damaged drip flashing; a galvanized metal strip and is angular in shape.

These are the 5 most common signs that need you to call for a gutter repair. Feel free to call for assistance whenever you notice any of these signs on your guttering. We’ll be sure to come to your aid in time and help you cut the costs involved replacing the entire guttering system. It’s cheaper to prevent than to do a complete overhaul.

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