How to Maintain Your Gutter Properly

April 30, 2019 3:38 pm

Cleaning your gutters and full gutter maintenance should be carried out at least once a year. It is possible to clean the gutter manually or with the help of various tools. The cleaning of the gutter is one of the many jobs that should be completed regularly for the correct maintenance of any home or property, to ensure that there are no costly issues in the future.

When to clean your gutters

If your gutters are cleaned annually, it will prevent dirt deposits from obstructing the passage of water. If your house is in the shade of large trees, cleaning should be done more frequently as they’ll shed loads of leaves that will end up in your gutters. The leaves that accumulate in the gutters, in the long run, can damage the gutters and its supports – this is why they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

How to clean the gutter

With the cleaning of the gutter, dirt and debris accumulated in the drains are removed mechanically. This operation, in itself, is simple, the only drawback is that the gutters are difficult to access: as they are on the roof!

Cleaning the gutters is a very tricky process, the height involved means a lot of people are reluctant to attempt it themselves. Attempting to clean your gutters when you don’t have years of experience working at such heights and the correct equipment to make the job easier and safer can be dangerous. We’d advise contacting a professional gutter maintenance company such as ourselves.

gutter cleaning

To access the gutters you need a long ladder and technical equipment to ensure your safety.

What’s needed to clean your gutters:

Use a sturdy ladder, equipped with sealing hooks (these are safe anchoring to the wall), a pair of gloves and all the technical equipment that can guarantee safety.

When you climb the ladder, you will only have access to a limited portion of the gutter, in order to clean the entire line, you can equip yourself with specialist tools to reach the whole gutter without moving your ladder along each time.

How to clean the gutter without getting on the roof

Those who suffer from vertigo, hate heights or simply want to avoid the dangers of working on the ladder can clean the gutters from the ground without accessing the roof. In this context, it is essential to have a professional cleaning tool capable of removing leaves and dirt from drains.

In reality, instruments of this kind allow you to move to accumulate dirt in a single point, acting comfortably from the ground and therefore without accessing the roof; to remove dirt you can drag down the pile just collected using the special broom, but if you want to get everything you’ll need to use a ladder.

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