Why is Gutter Cleaning Recommended Twice a Year?

October 18, 2019 2:42 pm

Each of the seasons that we experience here within the UK bring an element of natural beauty to our gardens, from the golden leaves floating to the ground in the autumn and the morning frost turning the bare branches glistening white in the winter, through to the first bloom of spring and the burst of colour in the summer. However, these seasons can have a dramatic effect on your property’s guttering systems, which is why it’s important to have regular gutter cleaning. If you need assistance with this get in touch with us here at Gutter Maintenance.

For a number of years, our highly skilled and professional team have been providing an unbeatable level of gutter cleaning to a range of properties in and around Oxfordshire, ensuring that the excess rainwater can flow away safely and securely, without causing any damage to your property.


Benefits of cleaning your gutter twice a year

During our time within the industry, we’ve built up an enviable base of knowledge on why your guttering should be cleaned at least twice a year – and in some instances, more. Some of the main reasons include:


Prevents Blockages

During the winter months with vegetation floating around, it’s easy for your gutters to become cluttered with leaves, twigs and various other bits of natural debris. Unfortunately, if this debris is left to build up, it can easily cause blockages within your gutters, preventing water from flowing away freely.


Minimises Risk of Damage

With water not being able to flow away freely as a result of blockages, damage can occur not only to the drains themselves in the form of cracks and splits, but also to your roof, conservatory and to the structure of your property as the water builds up and pressure is mounted on various areas.

Gutter Maintenance

What can happen if I don’t clean my gutters?

The above question sounds simple, but the reality is that an unclean gutter can lead to many problems and can be costly. Below are a few things that may happen.


Leaky gutter and mould

If you don’t clean your gutter the primary problem to arise will be blocked gutters and downspouts meaning that there is going to be standing water gathering in your gutters will become very dirty and mould will start to form. Mould can be the host for many health problems if it does get inside of the home. Mould is also very tricky to get rid of and can be very expensive.


Bugs and other insects

Gutters are a huge magnet for bacteria, birds, mice, rats and lots of other animals. Warm moist rotting leaves are a source of nourishment for many critters and once they’ve worked their way into the gutters the next will be in your home.


Driveway and garden damage

When it comes to grass and plants too much water is just as bad as no water at all. If your gutters aren’t draining water correctly water can pool up and ruin grass and plants that are nearby. Too much water going on to your driveway continually can cause mould to grow or if it is cold then the water might freeze and be very unsafe and icy.


Here at Gutter Maintenance, our experienced team can provide tailored packages for your property to ensure that your gutters are kept clean, unblocked and free from damage. Using our fourteen-metre mobile elevated work platform, we’re also able to reach gutters on all sized buildings to provide an expert gutter cleaning service. For more information, contact us via 01865 389 962.

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