What causes a blocked gutter

September 30, 2019 2:15 pm

What causes a blocked gutter? Blocked gutters create problems for every homeowner. The stagnation of water and collection of dirt and debris can create a significant hygiene issue. If the rainwater cannot reach the drainpipe, you have a blocked gutter. Worse, if the drainpipe isn’t able to drain water. Channels get blocked mainly because of the debris that collects inside them over time – leaves, twigs, plastics, etc.

Top causes of blocked gutters


By far the most common cause of a blocked gutter is leaves, on a frequent occasion leaves and twigs get blown onto roofs and therefore end up in gutters. The main problems occur in the winter as this is when the leaves fall. The longer that the leaves are in the gutter and the wetter they get they turn into a more stodgy mess and then when new leaves fall they also join the other leaves and the cycle continues on the wetter and further into the gutter the leaves are the harder it is for them to be removed. This can cause mould to occur into your gutter or even for birds. Leaves are constantly falling therefore, people don’t notice the problem until it reaches a point where it becomes a significant concern and would even require professional cleaning.


Moss is on most roofs, but it can also get into your gutters. This can cause a huge problem when it comes to gutters being blocked. Moss is very thick and with added rainwater, it can get even thicker due to the fact it absorbs the water.

Just because you can’t see any problems externally with your gutter it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems at all. Some of the worst damage to gutters are hidden. These may cause you to have a leaky roof or watermarks appearing on the ceiling. Prevention is the best way to fix anything, make sure that you check your gutters every now and again just to make sure that it is in full working order.

If you are having trouble with leaves getting into the gutter then a gutter guard may be of use to you, this is a mesh wire that goes over the top of the gutter prevents anything like leaves and twigs from entering the gutter.

Let’s see what happens if we don’t clean the gutters:

  •         The water can seep in through the walls and tiles and damage them.
  •         Stagnant water serves as an ideal breeding ground for disease-causing insects.
  •         Water starts leaking from where it finds a way would cause the ground beneath to become dangerous.  Clogged gutters may force water to fall. There are chances of slipping and getting hurt.
  •         Moisture makes walls prone to mould. Mould on walls will occur when the gutter overflows and starts to run down the outside of the house. This can be very harmful to your health.

We hope that this has helped your gutter stay clean and unblocked if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01865 389 962 or alternatively head over to our contact page and fill in the online enquiry form. 

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