Gutter Maintenance in Winter

December 31, 2019 9:04 am

Keeping your gutters clean and in good shape can be an uphill task. Winter is the worst season for gutters as the dangerous weather brings excessive foliage which can end up destroying your gutters. Even though there is a variety of effective ways to keep them clear, it’s always advisable that you get professionals to clean and repair them.

Besides, not everyone is fond of heights. Getting injured while working on such projects is quite easy, which is why you want to get some help if you can’t do it. All the same, here are some amazing tips for maintaining and preserving gutters during winter.

1. Regular Maintenance

Gutters need regular maintenance; this means identifying any areas that are leaking or sagging before the problem becomes worse. You also should remove twigs, leaves, and other debris that is likely to block your gutters. Any accumulated materials can clog and block water flow and cause leakages, sagging, and warping of a gutter.

Gutter maintenance can be quite complicated at times when all is said and done. If you’ve tried working on your gutters with little or no success, you may want to hire a professional to do it for you.

2. Rake up all leaves

Just before the winter season sets in, be sure to rake up all the leaves lying around. They not only block your gutters but also pose health risks when they decompose. They create a breeding place for pests and bacteria. What’s more, once the leaves become lodged in gutters, they block and rot with time, leading to costly repairs and replacements.

3. Test Downspouts

Get a plumber to test the gutters for you. The heights are dangerous and only someone with the right equipment and gear should test the downspouts. A professional will check out if there is any blockage and use a hosepipe to see if the gutter is clogged or not. This is one way to ensure your gutters are working before winter as cleaning and unclogging is done on time.

4. Use Gutter Covers

Adding gutter covers is one of the best ways to prevent clogging during winter. No leaves or debris can get into gutters and therefore, water will be flowing freely.

Gutters Full With Leaves

5. Install Gutter Heaters

Using gutter heaters during the winter is a brilliant idea. It goes without saying that you will not experience ice dams, snow, and icicles around your roofing. Besides, there will be no leakages as the water flows away smoothly. 

6. Use Bracing Hardware to Reinforce Gutters

Winter is different from other seasons and therefore you have to get ready before it sets in. This is when most gutters get tested because even some of the strongest ones fail to work due to the harshness of weather. What you need is to add gutter brackets or bracing hardware.

This helps to strengthen your current anchors and enables them to withstand the load caused by snow. Nothing destroys your roof like collapsed gutters during winter.


Malfunctioning gutters can be dangerous during winter. Always have them checked by a professional gutter cleaning company. Apart from repairs and replacements, invest in professional cleaning services. They ensure gutters are clear throughout the year. With excellent preparation for the winter and proper maintenance, you will enjoy the snowing season in peace.

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