What Happens When You Neglect Gutters ?

November 30, 2020 2:50 pm

For even the most house proud person, your home’s humble gutter is probably something that doesn’t get much attention. Gutters tend to be just ‘there’, we don’t think about them until there’s a problem, but it shouldn’t be like that. Do not neglect gutters.

Gutter maintenance is or should be, an important part of any home improvement routine. They play a vital part in any home and, if neglected, can lead to more serious problems. But what kind of issues can they cause, and more importantly, how can they be resolved?

Many of the subsequent problems associated with gutters can be eliminated through simple cleaning. We know cleaning gutters isn’t top of everyone’s to-do list, so why not hire an expert to clean your home’s gutters for you?

Consequences of Not Maintaining Your Home’s Gutters

Gutters will gradually begin to fill up, and not just with rain. Dirt and debris from the roof will eventually find its way into the gutter, that’s what it’s there for after all. In most cases, this debris, including leaves, twigs, etc, will find its way to the drainpipe and into the drains, but not always.

Larger items that are too big to drop will collect at the edges and form a barrier, restricting the movement of other items. This creates a dam, which leads to blockages. It can also stop rainwater from flowing and that’s where many problems start.

If water is allowed to overflow or remain stagnant, it can begin to rot wooden fascias and soffits. Once that problem has started, it can very quickly spread to other areas of the home. As it worsens and holes start to appear in the rotten wood, it can become home to birds, insects, and rodents. Damp debris is the perfect environment for many wood-eating insects to thrive. Once they find a way into your home, it becomes a whole other problem.

If left, the gutters themselves can start to sag with the added weight. The fasteners, which are only really designed to hold the gutter in place, can loosen because of the additional weight of the wet debris.

When drains get blocked, you will find that the overflow causes a deluge of water to fall from the roof. This can begin to wash away small plants and flowers in your garden, as well as certain aggregates like shingle and pebbles, which will ruin your landscaping.

Regular gutter maintenance or even necessary gutter repairs aren’t the cleanest, or even safest, of household chores. Working at height isn’t for everyone, so the easiest and best way to keep on top of your gutters is by hiring a specialist to carry out the work for you.

Calling in the experts means you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Contractors will be experienced at working at high levels, so will have all the tools and equipment they’ll need. Don’t wait for the problems to start before calling in help.

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