How Can A Falling Gutter Lead To Damage In My Home

February 26, 2021 9:50 am

Falling Gutter systems are a great addition to the exterior of any home. They can help in many ways to protect your home from excess water and dampness. While the investment of gutters comes at a cost, it is a great investment to make and can be done affordably. Even though it’s not a maintenance-free investment it’s a good investment. Let’s look at what gutters are and what they do.

What Do Gutters Do

Gutters’ primary function is to carry rainwater away from the roof of a structure. Rather than the rainwater falling from the roof to the ground and pooling up. A gutter system channels water away from the home.

Having gutters installed to move away water can help protect your home against excess moisture and damage. Not having gutters or having broken and damaged gutters can allow excess water to pool on the ground, and eventually damage the exterior and interior of your home.

Falling Gutter Maintenance

Now that you have spent the money to have gutters installed, there is maintenance required to keep them from falling into disrepair. Your gutters will need to be cleaned periodically of debris and dirt. Fallen leaves, sticks, and even dirt build-up can cause clogs in your gutter system. When your downspouts clog and do not drain, excess water can become a problem.

Routinely inspecting your gutter system for damage will also help keep your gutters in good working order. Doing this will let you know when and where you may have cracks, broken or falling pieces, and separations. You will want to make repairs to these issues in a timely manner in order to avoid interior damage to your home.

Damage from Broken Falling Gutters

When your gutters become broken, there is damage that can be caused to your home from this. Let’s see what this damage could be.

●        Moisture in your home

●        Damage to your home’s exterior where gutters were attached

●        Mold and mildew from moisture seeping inside your home.

These are just a few of the many things that can happen to your home when your gutters begin to fail. Some of this damage can be avoided with proper maintenance and inspections.

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Moisture in Your Home

Damaged or fallen gutter sections could lead to moisture entering your home. If you have excess water build-up around the base of your home, water could seep in through a window. Both of these scenarios could cause flooding in your home. The screw holes on the facia where the gutters are attached could also become damaged and seep extra moisture into the roof.

Damage at Point of Attachment

Your roof area could become damaged by the broken gutter falling and taking off part of the fascia. Exposing the roofing material. This could lead to waterlogged roofing materials on your home that would have otherwise been ok.

Mould and Rot Damage

Damaged gutters can lead to the wooden parts of your home becoming damp. Over time as that dampness continues to occur, so can multiple types of damage. Damp wood or other materials can cause mold and mildew and you may not see these till someone in your home is sick. Damp wood can also rot relatively quickly. This type of damage is costly and often not repairable.

So not only are gutters a pretty addition they also serve a purpose to protect our home from excess amounts of water. Whether that water is built up around the base of your home, or at the roofline where the gutters attach to your home, damage still occurs. Gutters are not just an install and forget type of fixture. They also need to be maintained to avoid any issues from excess water. Damaged gutters over time can cause extensive and expensive damage to your home, so keep up with your gutter maintenance and ensure they benefit your home rather than damage them.

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