Gutter Health Checks On Older Buildings

March 30, 2021 1:40 pm

Spotting the most common gutter and downpipe issues as early as possible prevents any problems from escalating and leading to expensive repairs. Proactive checks on guttering allow property owners to reduce the risk of damage occurring due to problems with guttering systems. Conducting gutter health checks is especially important for older buildings.

If you own an older building, or are responsible for looking after one, ensure you know the common signs to look out for. Once you know the signs to look out for you can spot problems with the guttering before they become larger issues. Let’s explore the signs to look out for that show your older building needs gutter maintenance.

Common Guttering System Problems

Gutter Blocks

This is an easy issue to spot once it’s manifested: the water starts to run from the guttering onto your property’s walls and down to the foundation. Blockage problems are often caused by debris and leaves building up over time. As the flow of water is disrupted in the guttering system, it begins to overflow.

To prevent gutter blocks from causing issues, spot the signs of the problem before it causes a serious blockage. Take the time to book gutter health checks, especially during the autumn months. This prevents any long-term issues occurring that cause serious guttering system problems. Debris blocking the gutters, insect infestation, and vegetation growth are all easily preventable with gutter maintenance.

Gutter Brackets Wear & Tear

Gutter brackets hold the entire guttering system together. If it collapses, everything being contained will scatter across your property. Loose gutter brackets also cause the system to misalign, which leads to water being expelled down your property’s walls. This has many detrimental effects, such as damaging your property’s foundation and causing leaking inside the building.

Gutter brackets becoming damaged happens a lot on older buildings. They’ve naturally had more years of wear and tear. Regular gutter health checks and gutter maintenance prevent brackets from causing issues for your building. Regularly book cleaning for your guttering systems to stop standing water occurring due to blockages. When brackets aren’t weighed down, they last longer and the risk of damage is reduced.  

Blocked Downpipes

Downpipes are very common in older buildings. Also known as a waterspout, it’s a pipe that drains water from your guttering system to a drain in the ground. If water begins backing up into the gutter, the downpipe is likely blocked. Overflowing rainfall is also a telltale sign the downpipe requires gutter maintenance to unblock it.

Spotting downpipe blockages fast is crucial. When water is allowed to stand in downpipes, during spells of cold weather it can freeze and cause the pipe to split. If this happens, it’s very expensive to repair. This is why regular gutter health checks are a smart investment in the long-term.

Avoid costly repairs and book regular gutter health checks. Whatever type of guttering system your property has, keep an eye out for the common signs of damage. Spotting these signs early and booking gutter maintenance reduces the risk of serious damage and keeps costs down.

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