Every FAQ You Need to Know About Finlock Gutters

May 28, 2021 10:28 am

Finlock gutters are made from concrete and were introduced in 1950 across the UK. The main reason for its creation was to replace steel guttering, which was in short supply, and concrete was considered cheaper and a more hard-wearing material. Today, properties are built with more modern style guttering in place using more robust materials designed to last. This blog will look at all the FAQs surrounding Finlock gutters to help you make a better decision on guttering.

Finlock Guttering: The Facts

Finlock guttering is no longer used on new properties and was phased out in the 1970s. Their durability came into question in the 1970s. It turned out their lifespan was only around 30 years before they required replacing. As soon as the lining of the gutter fails, the concrete begins to absorb water rather than draining it away. It is also no longer on trend to have Finlock guttering on properties, which is another reason for its decline.

Over time, Finlock guttering can cause damage to the property as the lining begins to wear away and the concrete retains water. Because of this, water can eventually find its way into the property and cause further damage to the interior. Finlock guttering can also cause a thermal bridging between the bricks of your property. This leads to issues similar to dampness and can also cause wallpaper to peel from walls. However, replacing Finlock guttering will resolve this problem.

Finlock Guttering: Seek out a Professional Fitter

You should consider replacing Finlock guttering on your home with a more modern system to protect your property’s longevity. Unless, of course, you want to retain the historical appearance of the property. In which case, you should have your Finlock guttering regularly serviced by a professional. Be sure to seek out a Finlock guttering professional who will be able to replace the lining of your guttering and advise you on further maintenance.

Finlock Guttering: Asbestos

You should always consult a professional when it comes to maintaining or replacing Finlock guttering. Finlock guttering can sometimes contain asbestos and therefore must be repaired or removed by a specialist to prevent any contact. Some companies will offer you a ten-year guarantee with any work on Finlock gutters due to the issues that can occur with this type of guttering.

Finlock gutters can be replaced with cost-effective alternatives, including PVC, aluminium, and steel. These materials are much more durable compared to concrete and will last much longer with fewer problems in the future. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than Finlock gutters and offer a more modern look for the property.

Finlock gutters could devalue your property in some cases, especially in a situation where Finlock guttering has been neglected. For more information, seek out a professional who will advise you further on Finlock Guttering. Overall, it is always better to consider having Finlock guttering replaced with a modern gutter system as this will guarantee the longevity of your home and help to prevent issues in the future.

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