How Heat Affects Clogged Gutters

July 28, 2021 8:08 am

Clogged gutters can be a real pain and without maintenance, the issue can only become worse. If you notice a leak coming from your roof, watermarks on your ceilings, or if your gutter appears to be sagging or overflowing with water, then it’s highly likely that your gutter is clogged. This usually occurs from a build-up of debris such as fallen leaves, moss, and tree branches, which may lead to necessary repairs if the gutter has become damaged.

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How Does Warm Weather Affect Clogged Gutters?

As we enjoy the lovely warm weather of the British summertime, extreme temperatures, such as the recent heatwave, and light from the sun may be affecting your gutters and piping. Damage from a clogged gutter can have a long-term effect on your pipes, affecting their sturdiness and structure. Additionally, the inside of your home can also suffer from mold, dampness, and insulation damage, if not treated.

Furthermore, a blocked gutter can have a wider spread effect caused by the rotting of the substances that have been caught in the gutter, creating an unpleasant smell around the surrounding area. All of which will likely result in you having to pay out a large sum to replace your rainwater system, which could have been avoided if you were to have your gutter regularly maintained.

The main way in which the heat can affect gutters is from warping. Warping occurs when the metal expands and contracts as a result of extreme weather conditions. As your gutter is exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays, it can become buckled or warped. This changes your gutter’s shape and as screws loosen, it moves away from the building’s structure. If one part of your gutter is more exposed to direct sunlight than the other, then this will cause further stress on the metal. Consequently, warped gutters allow for more room for debris to build up which can then form clogs.

If your gutters are already clogged, the heat can worsen this issue and cause additional clogging. Pipes are unable to withstand extreme weather and are particularly sensitive to hot temperatures, especially when not well maintained. Hot weather causes pipes to expand, affecting their shape, area, and volume. This is called thermal shock, which is the rapid cooling or heating of an object and can lead to bursts or cracks, which could cause your gutters to leak.

At Gutter Maintenance, we believe that prevention is always better than the cure. It’s a wise idea to invest in a professional gutter cleaning service to ensure your gutters are properly maintained before you run into issues such as clogging. When clogged gutters are exposed to hot temperatures, this can cause many serious issues. Should you need any help with gutter repairs, our expert team will also be able to assist you, so please contact us to speak to one of our experienced and dedicated teams.

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