How to Clean Soffits and Fascias on Your Property

October 28, 2022 3:15 pm

Most people are so focused on cleaning the inside of their homes, that they forget to focus on the outside. Your windows, doors, fascias and soffits are the first things that people see when they look at your home and they can easily become grimy or mouldy due to weather conditions.

For this reason, it’s important to know how to clean a fascia properly.

How Do You Clean Dirty Soffits and Fascias

Fascias are the long boards that hold the guttering along the edge of your roof, while the soffit sits underneath and is the main part of your guttering fixture that people see from below.

Most fascia and soffit combinations are white to match the house, meaning they can easily become grimy and it’s noticeable to passers-by.

As part of your spring clean, you should consider washing them down to reveal a clean, glorious appearance. People may not normally pay attention to soffits and fascias, but they’ll definitely notice them if they’re dirty!

There are a couple of different ways to clean soffits and fascias depending on the equipment you have and how comfortable you are using it.

How To Clean With A Pressure Washer

When considering how to clean fascias without a ladder, the ideal solution would be to use a pressure washer. Some of the mould that builds up due to the damp climate is difficult to move, so you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

1.      If you don’t have a ladder, you should hire a pressure washer to soak your fascias and rinse away the dirt and debris.

Top tip: Use a lower pressure nozzle to start with to avoid forcing the dirt further up into your guttering or soffit.

2.      Then fill your washer with detergent and coat using the spray tip.

3.      Switch your nozzle up to a higher pressure to remove the dirt.

4.      Use plain water to remove the detergent to avoid streaking.

5.      Then finally, turn the pressure back down for a light rinse.

man cleaning soffit & fascia

How To Clean Without A Pressure Washer

If you don’t have a pressure washer, then you may need to consider cleaning soffits on a ladder. For this, your normal garden hosepipe will do the job. Just follow these quick steps:

1.      Mix half a cup of washing up liquid with 2 gallons of warm water. (Adding a tiny bit of bleach will help take care of future mildew).

2.      Prop your ladder where you can reach both the soffit and fascia with your hose.

3.      Scrub off the mildew in the direction of your house with a large, soft sponge.

4.      Once you’ve loosened the dirt, use the hose to brush off anything left and rinse it away.

You should clean your soffits and fascias once a year to maintain them. However, in bad weather, especially on older houses, your guttering, soffit boards and fascias may need repairing or replacing, even if you work hard to keep them clean.If you need help maintaining, cleaning or repairing your guttering, soffits or fascias, Gutter Maintenance are on hand to help with friendly and expert advice to keep your home looking clean and tidy all year round. If your fascias and soffits aren’t giving your house that gleaming finishing touch, contact today for some professional maintenance support.

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