What Are Soffits And Fascias: A Complete Guide

November 29, 2022 9:28 am

Guttering is something that we rarely think about as homeowners until it becomes a problem. However, knowing a little more about it can be hugely beneficial. Knowing how to maintain our guttering could save us a lot of time and money for replacements in the future.

The difference between a fascia and soffit is something that not many people know – we just lump in all the elements under the title ‘guttering.’ However, understanding the answer to the question ‘what are soffits and fascias?’ could help us to keep each element clean and secure and avoid expensive repairs or replacements later on.

What Is The Difference Between A Soffit And A Fascia?

White gutter and soffit with black fascia

What Is A Soffit?

A soffit is the section underneath the guttering which we see from the ground. It’s a panel often made of plastic, metal or wood that can be seen from standing directly below your guttering. Most modern soffits are UPVC, which is great for water resistance and heavy enough to not be affected by wind.

The soffit serves to make the roof look a little better. They help to tidy up the edges so that there isn’t an unsightly gap into the underside of your roof.

This UPVC element also helps to support the rafters and direct water away from any wooden sections. These areas are prone to rot if left to soak in the rain. The UPVC material usually used in modern homes is also perfect for ventilation. The airflow is controlled through vented soffits, which let in air, but limits the amount of moisture. By doing so, risk of damp in you loft space can reduced. They also release moisture from everyday activities such as cooking, washing or showering back outside. This means your home is less prone to mould or mildew.

What Is a Fascia?

The fascia is the board attached to the soffit at right angles, holding the guttering. The fascia is also attached directly to the roof edge, supporting the tiles.

Fascias are designed to both improve the look and finish of the house and protect the edge of the roof where the weather may otherwise affect it.

Typically, fascias are made of wood, but primed and painted specifically to withstand the weather. They may require more upkeep than soffits as they are wood and not UPVC. However, keeping your fascias clean and maintained will mean your house looks great, and is protected from the damp.

Both fascia and soffits can be made from composite material, which enhances the style of your roof. But, this comes at an extra cost to the traditional painted wood and UPVC options.

Gutter Maintenance UK can help you with the upkeep of your soffits and fascias to keep your home looking amazing and avoid those costly repairs. If you feel that your guttering already looks a little old and tired, they can talk you through the repair or replacement. We work on guttering, soffits, fascias and barge boards, providing the very best expertise and service. Need help with your guttering maintenance? Contact Gutter Maintenance UK today for advice, support or an accurate quote.

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