Are PVC Gutters Good for Your Home?

February 1, 2023 1:31 pm

Guttering is always an important item to factor when renovating, buying or designing your home. With a wealth of materials to choose from, it’s sometimes overwhelming to know the benefits of each. Here, we’re going to be asking the question; are PVC gutters good for homes? The answer is of course yes – but let’s find out why.


Due to the material and manufacturing process, PVC guttering is undoubtedly the most affordable guttering option. Every step of developing PVC guttering – from manufacturing to installation – is monumentally cheaper than traditional guttering materials. You also have the option to modify its appearance to further fit your budget. 

Other guttering options such as wood needs to be treated and painted which increase the time and price, PVC is able to be created and installed, no costly extra steps.

Easy to Maintain

PVC guttering is by far the easiest type of guttering to maintain. Unlike its metal counterparts, the plastic does not have the potential to become damaged over time. PVC guttering is also made in a single continuous unit, unlike metals or timber, meaning there is less room for potential leaks later on.

Strong, Durable and Flexible

It can’t be argued that, when it comes to house necessities like guttering, practicality comes first, and PVC is objectively the most durable and flexible in comparison to metal or timber. It is able to sustain weather conditions more easily, and its lack of welding reduces all risk of corrosion. No metal means no rust, and no wood means no rot! The flexible plastic is specifically designed to allow it to bow without causing it to become permanently misshapen. This is particularly good if you live in an area that gets high winds or lots of damp, cold weather.

Quick Installation

PVC is a moulded plastic and a very lightweight material allowing for an easier and quicker installation process. With the possibility that in the future the guttering does sustain damage, it would allow for much simpler repairs too. The ability to repair and replace your guttering so quickly will also reduce your costs in the event of any damage.

Clean & Simple Aesthetic

Another benefit of PVC guttering is the potential to customise how it looks. You can modify the shape and colour to match the aesthetic of your house and allow it to blend into the background, while also still looking attractive if focused on. 

PVC is also resistant to bending and dents, so it will never look out of place around your house and the appearance doesn’t age easily. You’ll be able to clean your guttering and have it looking as good as new. If you are looking for PVC guttering in Watford, Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes or Aylesbury, then look no further then PVC guttering Watford Gutter Maintenance. Our team of specialists are just waiting to help you choose, create and install the most suitable guttering for your home and weather conditions.

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