Best Way to Clean Gutters

June 1, 2018 10:03 am

Having cleaning and repairing gutters is the only way to ensure that they serve their purposes optimally. However, cleaning the gutters, as we all know, is quite a handful of work. As a result, we’re in constant search of the best way to do it so that we don’t spend all our free time and still end up with not so clean gutters.

There are lots of ways to go about the task of cleaning gutters all of which are preferred by different groups of people. Therefore, if you’re in search of the best way to clean your gutters, you’ll just have to pick one method that best suits you. To outline the options available for you to choose from, we talk about the different ways here.

  1. Cleaning By Hand

Cleaning gutters by hand are by far the common method of cleaning gutters. This is major because of the fact that no specialized equipment is required. Basically, what you’ll need are a ladder, heavy duty gloves and a bucket.

Of course, the ladder is to allow you climb and get to your gutters, the gloves are for protecting your hands and the bucket is where you put the junk from the gutters. Since you do this job manually by hand, it’ll be quite a hassle since you use your hands and all the energy that you need has to come from you and not from equipment.

  1. Cleaning With a Blower

In the previous method, there’s the aspect of you having to dig your hands into the dirt that the guttering may have accumulated over time. In this one, you can escape the idea as it may be disgusting to some people. A blower is an ultimate equipment used here. However, there are downsides to this method as well.

First, the air that a blower gets to the mulch may not have enough pressure to remove all of the wet junk that may have piled up. This means that the end result of your job may not be exactly as clean as you expected. The second downside is that as you blow the muck along the gutters, you’re likely to push it into the downspouts. If this happens, the downspouts may become clogged with the dirt causing you a major headache since you’ll need a special tool to remove the clogs.

  1. Cleaning with a Power Washer

Cleaning gutters with a power washer are no doubt one of the easiest ways. The power washer works by using a high powered water steam to remove the muck from your gutters. This method of gutter cleaning is preferable for those who do the job themselves as this water steam removes almost everything on its way.

You don’t have to worry about the downspout here as in the blower method. The only disadvantage of this method is that it’s quite a mess. You can also use a hose for this method as long as it is fairly powerful.

  1. Cleaning with a Gutter Cleaning Robot

Cleaning gutters with a gutter cleaning robot allow you to have the job done without doing anything. Some people opt for this method but it’d not be a good option because it has many drawbacks.

They’re quite expensive and can’t do the job as nearly well as doing it by the other methods. Another reason why it’s not a wise decision is that the other methods involve a person at some level while this one doesn’t. This means that you won’t be able to know if your gutter has problems that require you to fix.

These are the ways available if you want to clean your gutters. They’re quite effective, except for the robot method. So, if you’re looking for the best way to clean gutters, you can pick your most preferred method from this list.


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