How to Repair a Sagging Gutter

January 12, 2019 9:22 am

Due to debris, backed up water, high winds and temperature changes gutters start to sag over time. Your gutter system may either be held to your roof on hangers, with brackets or with long spikes. When the gutter is affected by the weather conditions above you are left with a precariously hanging gutter in result. If the gutters stay operational or not is down to how fast they are repaired hence it’s urgent for you to ensure that they are fixed as there is a possibility that you’ll have to replace the whole guttering system if its left too long. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide into how the sagging gutter can be repaired:

Step # 1: Fixing the Gutter Spikes

To do this, begin by pulling any loose spikes out using a pry bar or the claw end of a hammer. Once you’ve pulled them out, check them to see whether there’ll you will have to get new ones or whether you can reuse them. If you don’t notice any threading on the spikes, you’ll need to have them replaced with new ones which are threaded. However, if they’re threaded, and they are not damaged or bent they can be reused. To get the usable spikes back, they’re threaded into the old holes into the front through the gutters. Once that’s done, it’s important that it’s made a tight. This is done by adding wood.

Step # 2: Fixing the Gutter Brackets

The second way to repair sagging gutters is by fixing the brackets of your gutter system. The first thing to do is to remove the section of your gutter that’s sagging from the gutter brackets that have become loose. Ensure all the screws that hold the brackets to the front are all taken out. Then, use an exterior seal that’s waterproof to fill the screw holes. After that, allow the seal to completely dry up. Then, have new pilot holes drilled for the brackets. These holes should be at the same angle and height as the original ones. This is very important because it ensures that the pitch of the gutter isn’t shifted. However, if the pitch of the gutter is shifted, water will be caused to back up the gutter and this is can lead to a more serious problem. Once the new holes have been drilled at the same height and angle, place the gutter brackets to them and attach them in the fresh holes. You can then have the gutters put back in their brackets and have the gutters looking nice and straight once again.

Step # 3: Fixing the Gutter Hangers

For this method, you’ll need to get the hangers from under the roofing material or shingles. Check out and see if there are any of the hangers that have been damaged in any way, no matter how slight. Upon discovering any, remove them and have them replaced with new ones. However, if there are any hangers that haven’t been damaged, you can simply just reposition them.

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