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Every FAQ You Need to Know About Finlock Gutters

28th May 2021 | By

Finlock gutters are made from concrete and were introduced in 1950 across the UK. The main reason for its creation was to replace steel guttering, which was in short supply, and concrete was considered cheaper and a more hard-wearing material. Today, properties are built with more modern style guttering in place using more robust materials… View Article

Cleaning Your Gutter for Summer

30th April 2021 | By

As summer comes to a close and autumn approaches, gutter maintenance is a task you don’t want to miss off your to-do list. Gutter maintenance may be something you may want to avoid over the fun and relaxing summer months, but gutters can easily get clogged from debris during this time.  Branches, leaves, and dirt… View Article

Gutter Health Checks On Older Buildings

30th March 2021 | By

Spotting the most common gutter and downpipe issues as early as possible prevents any problems from escalating and leading to expensive repairs. Proactive checks on guttering allow property owners to reduce the risk of damage occurring due to problems with guttering systems. Conducting gutter health checks is especially important for older buildings. If you own… View Article

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How Can a Falling Gutter Lead to Damage in My Home

26th February 2021 | By

Gutter systems are a great addition to the exterior of any home. They can help in many ways to protect your home from excess water and dampness. While the investment of gutters comes at a cost, it is a great investment to make and can be done affordably. Even though it’s not a maintenance-free investment… View Article

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FAQs You Need to Know About Finlock Gutters

29th January 2021 | By

Finlock guttering was introduced in the 1950s in the UK and is a guttering system made of concrete blocks joined together and then lined with a waterproof material such as mineral felt or bitumen. It was brought into use because of the steel shortage of the time and because the concrete was seen as cheap… View Article

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The Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning

31st December 2020 | By

Remembering to check your gutters regularly can save you lots of stress and money in the long run. Though it may seem like such a small, insignificant part of your house maintenance, there are so many problems that can arise from blocked gutters, leading to issues even worse than just damaged gutters.

What Happens When You Neglect A Gutter?

30th November 2020 | By

For even the most house proud person, your home’s humble gutter is probably something that doesn’t get much attention. Gutters tend to be just ‘there’, we don’t think about them until there’s a problem, but it shouldn’t be like that.

When Should Gutters Be Replaced?

30th October 2020 | By

While it may be simple enough to repair and maintain guttering over time, a gutter replacement should only ever be advised in extreme circumstances. This is because it’s generally only ever going to be a one-off project, which means you have to make sure it needs to take place. Otherwise, simple gutter repairs are generally… View Article

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4 Signs You May Need New Fascias & Soffits

28th August 2020 | By

For all the things there are to do to keep our homes looking their best, the roof often gets overlooked, which is weird given how high it is! We’re not talking about the slates or tiles here, but the fascias and soffits that give the roof some protection against the elements. These two key aspects… View Article


When Does Your Home Need Gutter Maintenance?

31st July 2020 | By

We might not see them all hours of the day, but gutters provide a fantastic service to our homes. They, of course, help to drain water away – specifically rainwater – so that your roof and home stay protected against potential damage.