Gutter Maintenance: Why Spring Is The Best Time To Do It

March 30, 2023 1:23 pm

It’s important to have clear guttering all year round to ensure you have good water flow around your property. Damaged or blocked gutters can cause leaking into your home and long-term damage. Spring is often one of the most common times of year for gutter maintenance, as the harshness of the winter weather is behind you. Spring and summer can still be wet seasons in the UK so it’s crucial that you get any repair work sorted as soon as possible.

Repair Any Winter Damage

Winter is one of the hardest times for your gutter health and the weather puts a lot of strain on your guttering. The extra snow and rain cause the guttering to flood and the wind might blow leaves into the guttering which causes blockages. The freezing temperature and high winds may also cause damage and breakages from freeze/thaw. 

Spring is the perfect time for domestic gutter maintenance as it allows you to assess any damage that has taken place after the long hard winter. 

Pipework that is in need of gutter maintenance.

Prevent Birds from Nesting in your Guttering

Spring is a great time for the birds and many will return and begin nesting. It’s when they start to nest and lay eggs in your guttering that problems start to arise. Gutter maintenance in the spring allows you to remove any sticks, leaves, and other rubbish from your guttering that might look inviting to a nesting bird. Don’t worry; there are plenty of other trees for them to make their summer homes!

Complete Gutter Maintenance Tasks Before Seasonal Rain

The spring and summer months often come with a lot of rain and heavy downpours are not uncommon in the UK. A thunderstorm has the potential to damage or overwhelm your guttering with ease. Domestic gutter maintenance in the form of waste removal will allow your guttering to function normally and keep up with any major downpours. 

Clear Out Bugs and Critters

Bugs and other pests usually lay eggs and stay dormant until the winter is over and the warmer weather begins. This can cause lots of issues for your guttering if you end up with an infestation. They can even start to enter your home, which might cause more issues for your internal walls too. To prevent this, spring gutter maintenance can wash away any unwanted eggs and keep any insects or pests from entering your home. 

It’s Easier to do Gutter Maintenance in the Warmer Weather

One massive advantage of completing your gutter maintenance in the spring is that it’s warmer weather – no one wants to go outside in the cold and start repairing guttering unless they really need to. Gutter maintenance in the spring is much easier and safer as you have less chance of bad weather.

Expert Gutter Repair with Gutter Maintenance

If you’d like some guidance or assistance with your gutter maintenance in Oxford or Bicester, or you’d like a friendly service to clean and repair your guttering for you, then look no further! Here at Gutter Maintenance, we offer professional gutter cleaning, repair, and replacement services to keep your guttering in perfect working order for the year ahead. 

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